10 Apps to turn your Shopify store into a Profit-making machine

Shopify has simplified the process of setting up an online eCommerce site to get your selling right and transformed the way eCommerce works. There are loads of Shopify Apps that are available to enhance your business and fuel its growth.

There are hundreds of Shopify Apps available but what is difficult is to find the ones which will actually work to increase your sales, generate revenue, and increase profits. We understand that revenue cannot grow without the right tools. We bring to you a well-researched guide on the best Shopify apps that will help increase sales.

These apps promote your store, garner sales, increase customer loyalty, and handle reward programs, inventory, and shipping that will pump up revenues for you.

1. Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown by Autoketing

Sales Pop Master by Autoketing is a pop-up stimulation on Shopify that builds the trust of customers and prods them to make a purchase. It offers many efficient features to carry out marketing tactics that make your store look attractive. The key features are:

  1. Display orders or products added to cart – The app allows us to show orders on the store and shows products that are added to the cart.

  2. Language – This app offers 8 default languages to access customers from various countries.

  3. Layout and Design – With different types of layout, you can choose a customized shape for product image and store design.

  4. Countdown Tools – You could show a countdown timer and countdown stock timer to boost sales.

  5. Quick view – A quick view of a product helps customers focus on the product and boost sales.

  6. Display options – You can choose to show the popups about products that your customer is viewing or about random products too.

  7. Click Statistic – You can view the statistics of the products to know the demands of customers and preferences to devise marketing strategies.

The app offers a free 3-day basic trial. The Basic plan costs $4.99 per month, the PRO plan costs $9.99 per month and the advanced month costs $14.99 per month. Prices vary according to the features offered.

2. AZEXO Free Page Builder by Andrey Soloduhin

This app is a powerful tool that serves as a page builder. With this app, you can build customized pages as it has features of a framework and is handy when building Shopify themes. The key features are:

  1. Works with any builder – It is a stand-alone app that is compatible with any theme to be able to create beautiful layouts.

  2. Helps to insert product data into any Shopify page – The app has product elements that can be integrated into the Shopify page.

  3. Shopify builder with Lookbook – The app lets you make a full-size width based image lookbooks with simple hotspots.

  4. Creating classy and beautiful websites – Anexo Builder is a perfect tool to create great Shopify websites that can attract a maximum number of visitors.

  5. Speedy development – A lightweight tool that takes less time to create a site. It is well-coded and uses less run-time.

  6. Build a user-friendly Homepage – AZEXO helps to develop a mobile-friendly and responsive home page. It also offers a better mobile experience.

  7. Builds Pages – With pre-designed template pages for your categories, you can use this app to express your brand story, contact details and FAQ’s in a convincing manner. This helps to build trust and confidence.

The app has two plans. One is the basic plan which is free and offers basic elements. The premium plan offers advanced services like form builder, product, and blog templates.

3. Easy Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu

Google Shopping Feed also is known as Product Listing Ads are an excellent source for online merchants. Google Shopping feeds is a leading shopping traffic source that gives merchants a competitive edge. This app lets you improve the Google Shopping Feed and Google Ads for your store. The key features are:

  1. Set up a Google Merchant Center – You can verify and claim your website automatically. With Google Merchant Center you can fetch your details and set up shipping rates and also tax rates.

  2. Easily set up Google Feed – The app lets you create a shopping feed easily and run Google Ads too. Every change to the store is fetched and automatically updated in the feed.

  3. Uses Audit Score – The app uses Audit Score to be successful in using Google Shopping and Google Ads and follows best practices.

  4. Supports all attributes – The app supports every single attribute to optimize the feed and enhance the Shopify experience. This helps to create a user-friendly page and increase sales.

The basic plan is free to install and the advanced plan comes at a cost of $19.99 per month with a lot of additional features.

4. Re: amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk by Re: amaze

Re amaze is one of the best customer service helpdesk, live chat support apps for e-commerce businesses on Shopify. This app offers unlimited customer service support to online retailers and thereby helps to boost sales. The primary features of chants are:

  1. Offers first-class merchant support – Retailers are offered all kinds of support in terms of engaging with customers. Retailers can manage email. Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram feeds all in one through a shared inbox and provide holistic customer support.

  2. All in one platform – Whether it is chatting, SMS, voice message, What’s App, or email, it is all offered in one basic platform. This reduces the need for multiple apps to manage each channel of communication.

  3. Demos and training -Adequate demo and training is provided to help retailers familiarise themselves with the system.

  4. No coding required – There is absolutely no coding involved in building the additional feature and is simply integrated into your Shopify store design.

  5. Manage multiple stores – If you have multiple stores designed on Shopify, then you can have a centralized app that provides live communication to your customers.

There are 4 different plans that are offered. The basic plan costs $20 per month. The Pro plan costs $40 per month, the Plus plan costs $60 a month and the Enterprise Custom plan comes at $500 a month.

5. Google Customer Reviews by Adnabu

The app places Google Customer Reviews in a js code to reveal the Google Reviews badge, collect the ratings and reviews of customers on the Shopify store. These reviews can be customized on your Shopify store as per your convenience. The key features are:

  1. Sellers Ratings – It is an extension that showcases advertisers with higher ratings. It appears below shopping ads and helps people find businesses that offer services. With sellers rating, a business can generate leads.

  2. Product Ratings – These ratings show the star ratings on Shopping ads and also product listings on Google. This provides information to shoppers and drives more traffic to your store because of increased knowledge.

  3. Google Reviews Badge – This feature shows an aggregated rating on your site out of 5. If you have 100 reviews from a single country in a year, then your seller rating will appear on the Google Review badge too.

This app has two pricing plans. The Basic plan is free to install and costs $4.99 if you have more than 10 orders. The advanced plan comes at $9.99 per month.

6. Privy ‑ Exit Pop Ups & Email by Privy

This app is a suite of conversion techniques like email marketing, SMS tools, exit-intent driven popups, and banners to grow your email list from your Shopify store. There is no coding and development needed. The key features are:

  1. Customized and user-friendly display types – From email popups, spin to win wheels, flyouts, banners, and other forms of email collection, it offers customized services to garner sales.

  2. Offer of coupons – It offers coupons for single and bulk use sent via popups and emails to enhance sales.

  3. Targeted campaigns – It offers targeted campaigns to customers depending on their kind of visit to the Shopify store. From cart abandonment, referral site, scroll timer to geography, and device type, it targets customers accordingly.

  4. Automated messages – It sends automated messages, emails, texts, and reminders to turn sign in’s into sales.

  5. Sync contacts to other marketing sites – It helps to sync contacts to over 50 mail marketing services to increase visibility.

The basic plan is free to install, the Convert plan is $20 a month, the Email plan is $10 a month and the Text plan costs $10 a month.

7. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Customers shopping on online stores expect free shipping for their orders. In fact, 88% of customers abandon their items in the cart when they find they are not offered free shipping. So if you offer free shipping, then this app will exemplify the message as a pop up to your customer and garner more traffic. The key features are:

  1. Free shipping offers with progressive messages – The app lets you offer a tab that can be slid out, shows progressive messages when customers add items, congratulates them, and also tracks the performance of each bar to see which items generate more sales.

  2. Advanced targeting – The app lets you target customers across the globe by setting different bars for different customers and using relatable terminology.

  3. Completely customizable and responsive – The app lets you customize and make it responsive according to your requirements and store style.

The pricing of the app is affordable. The basic plan is free with the basic features and the premium plan comes at $9.99 a month.

8. Klaviyo: Marketing Automation by Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an app that lets businesses create memorable customer experiences through the web, SMS, email, and app notifications. This is enabled by listening to and understanding cues from customers, visitors, and subscribers and turning that information into valuable and relevant messages. The key features of the app are:

  1. Getting closer to customers – It provides powerful integrations from free shipping, rewards programs, personalization programs, and centralized customer programs to know more about customer preferences and history.

  2. Decipher behaviors and preferences – Klaviyo offers predictive analytics to target customers, classify them, segment preferences to save time and earn more money.

9. SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing by Secomapp

A one-size-fits-all solution, SEO Booster is a must-have for your make it SEO ready and Google ready within seconds. With several features, you can now enhance your SEO content for your store. The key features are:

  1. True insights – Get insights into your SEO scores, websites, and checklists.

  2. Tools – Use powerful tools to structure your data so that it is easier to follow.

  3. Management – Manage keywords to drive traffic to your store. Drive traffic by setting, managing, and automating your site to monitor keywords.

The basic plan for the app comes free and the Growth plan comes at $18.99 per month.

10. EU Cookie Bar ‑ Cookie GDPR by Booster

Cookie bars present customers with banners informing them that your site reaches cookies. If you have customers from the European Union you will need to provide your customers with the cookie policy. The key features are:

  1. Customizable content – You can customize the bar to fit your brand and optimize it for a response.
  2. Hiding options – You can even set up the option of hiding the cookie bar if it is not necessary
  3. Easy to install – You do not have to code or develop and it is easy to install.

The best part of this app is that it is free to install.

Shopify apps are designed to help manage your web store and add functionalities to your eCommerce store. Shopify apps will help you monetize your store and are a reliable platform for eCommerce ventures.

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