How to Create a Landing Page for your Shopify store

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AZEXO Page builder plugin allows you to create simple page to complex sales landing pages. It has all needed content elements so you don’t have to waste time on learning new stuff.

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This app comes packed with pre designed templates that you can start customizing with just one click.

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The AZEXO Page Builder plugin correctly utilizes page title, thumbnail images and other HTML tags for the perfect Search Engine Optimization.

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AZEXO Page Builder supports responsive editing so you can easily on the go plus you can also edit & create multi device variants. It gives you the power to create better landing pages for all devices at the same time.

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With this Page Builder you can create stunning, unique and functional websites without coding a single line. Anyone can build a professional website in minutes.

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Using AZEXO Builder for making a landing page in Shopify

Step by Step Tutorial
Creating a landing page in Shopify is fairly easy when using a Shopify landing page builder app. Even if you’re not a developer, you can create a high-converting landing page in Shopify and boost your website traffic and sales. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a landing page in Shopify using the AZEXO Builder app. Now, let’s go ahead and see how to create a Shopify landing page, step-by-step.

Step 1: Create a landing page with AZEXO Builder

Click on “Create Sub-Page from template”. Sub-page it is any multipurpose non-home page.

Step 2: Select a template for your landing page

After click on the button you will see available list of page templates.

Step 3: Enter landing page name

After you selected a template you will need to enter name of page you created, then click “OK”.

Step 4: Open builder for customize your landing page

After pages table refreshed you will see newly created page. Click “Edit” button to customize page via AZEXO Builder.

Step 5: Sections list of page

Here you can reorder and delete available sections of current page template.

Step 6: Customize texts

Click on any text to change it. In left settings panel you can customize style of text.

Step 7: Customize images and links

Use right mouse click to open context menu to customize images and links/urls.

Step 8: Customize sections

Every section have settings panel where you can customize it.

Step 9: Customize elements

Every section can contain hierarchy of elements and every element have settings panel where you can customize it.

Step 10: Customize dynamic elements

Some elements can connect to Shopify database for output products and collections. You can select which particular product or collection need to show inside element.

Step 11: Save landing page

Click save when you complete changes in your page

Step 12: Preview landing page

If your page is saved you can see how it will be looking in your store by clicking on this button.