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  • 44 static content elements (except related with collection/product/form/blog)
  • Any design possible
  • Unlimited pages
  • Inner/Landing/Home pages
  • Custom sections for Product/Collection pages
Current Plan

$19 / month

  • Advanced elements
  • Form builder
  • Header/Footer builder
  • Product templates
  • Collection templates
  • Blog article templates
  • Extensions not included with plan
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Remove Builder from Theme
How do I remove Builder code from my Shopify theme?

Fully automatic uninstalling builder

App must be installed before click this button
All content created via app will be removed
Remove all builder related files from your theme automatically
Do not open app again after clicking this button!

Steps on how to remove files and code after uninstalling builder

Builder lets you keep all of your pages and changes after you uninstall our app.
Because of this, some Builder files & code will remain in your theme to ensure the saved content will continue to display correctly.

If you plan to keep your Builder content after uninstalling, it is recommended to leave the code in your theme to ensure the pages remain functional.

Before Removing the Theme Code

If you have used Builder to replace your storefront's homepage, there will be AZEXO code in the index.liquid file of the theme.
To roll back to the theme's original version you need click "Make current" button in "Home Pages" window for "Original Home Page" row.

Removing the Theme Code

Warning: If you have any active Builder pages, following these steps may cause those pages to malfunction.

  1. Go to the Themes section of your Shopify dashboard. Click on the Actions button next to your active theme and select Edit Code.
  2. In the theme.liquid file of the Layout folder, find and remove a lines that says:
    • <!--AZEXO_Header_Scripts--> {% include 'azexo-header-scripts' %} <!--End_AZEXO_Header_Scripts-->
    • <!--AZEXO_Version_***-->
    • <!--AZEXO_Footer_Scripts--> {% include 'azexo-footer-scripts' %} <!--End_AZEXO_Footer_Scripts-->
    • {% include 'azexo-credits' %}
  3. In the Templates folder remove all files with azexo-*.liquid name.
  4. In every file of the Sections folder, find and remove a lines that says:
    • <!--AZEXO_sections/*.liquid_Section-->
    • <!--End_AZEXO_sections/*.liquid_Section-->
  5. In the Snippets folder, find and remove files:
    • azexo-header-scripts.liquid
    • azexo-footer-scripts.liquid
    • azexo-credits.liquid
  6. In the Assets folder, find and remove files:
    • azexo.js
    • azexo.css
    • TEMPLATE.azexo-*.js
    • TEMPLATE.azexo-*.css
Compatibility with third party apps
What apps incompatible with this product
  • Customized pages use different templates so this may impact the display of other storefront apps that have modified the page templates.
Migrate templates
Migrate templates from theme

Please select theme from which you need migrate templates

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Premium plan by FREE for all your customers
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  • Put link of app on your agency site home-page.
  • Contact with app support via right bottom Facebook chat icon - that you want premium plan by FREE for all your customers.
  • Register all your customer stores
Referred customers
  • Register as partner and set your referral code to all your customers/friends app installations
  • Or refer customers/friends via app installation link
  • Get 50% commission from all recurring payments of your customers (Premium plan)
  • Your referral code does not have expiration. All commissions paid from second paying customer to your Paypal account.
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Use this form when you logged in via your customer store (managed for example).

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