The Best Shopify Themes For Clothing

eCommerce isn’t as simple as it seems to be at first sight and launching an online store of any kind may be a hard task, but we have a nice lifehack to share. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on developing it from scratch, you can opt to one of ready-made Shopify themes.

Shopify  is a well-known online platform which can help you to create an efficient online store fast and easily. Note that it’s suitable for launching any kind of store – no matter whether you’re selling, there’s already a Shopify theme which will suit you best. No matter whether you’re experienced or not – using a Shopify theme to build a store doesn’t require any specific skills.

This time, let us focus on the best Shopify themes for clothing. Every theme is compatible with all the browsers and all SEO practices. Let your customers shop online comfortably, staying at home and enjoying using a convenient online store with a beautiful design. The following 10 templates have been the most popular templates in 2019, recognized and praised by numerous customers and store owners.


Wokiee is the best option to start this list with. It’s been one of the most popular Shopify themes in 2019, and it definitely deserves its popularity: this amazing online store template can serve as an online store for almost any product. Meanwhile, it perfectly suits clothing stores.

Wokiee is not just a ready-made online store template, it’s a powerful design tool: it contains numerous layouts of different styles, enabling you with an opportunity to make your online store look exactly how you want it to look.

All tools and modules required for operation of an online store (megamenu, quick view, filters, wishlists and so on) are already there, minimizing design and web development costs.

Having a closer look at this clothing store template, it is important to highlight the variety of layouts and other design options:

  • more than 43 stunning homepage layouts;
  • gorgeous skins;
  • a special layout for single product stores;
  • 8 layout options for shop pages;
  • 8 layout options for product pages;
  • header variants;
  • two different banner buttons;
  • flexible bunner sections;
  • numerous product filters.

Design isn’t the only advantage of this Shopify theme, it’s also advanced in terms of technology:

  • the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework used for development make the website responsive and user experience – pleasing;
  • you can align content according to your specific localization;
  • provides an ability to create any slide you want with the use many effects;
  •  automatic image resize allows to adjust all images of the webstore to the same size automatically;

and the main point:

  • super-easy one-click installation!

To sum up: Wokiie is a deservedly popular clothing store template with eye-catching design and well-built, user-friendly interface, making shopping easy for a customer and managing a shop easy for an owner.


Ella is a multipurpose shopify template, also one of  the best  themes for clothing stores. The first thing to mention is its eye-catching design and great UI/UX optimization. This is one of templates that take eCommerce to a completely different level.

One more advantage few clothing store templates really have is that Ella also provides you with numerous Child Templates, also making it possible to sell clothes for children.

Have a look at the tones and colors chosen, at beautiful pointed fonts, feel this atmosphere…  Reminds of some fashion magazine, isn’t it? This resemblance is probably the best association one may have looking at a clothing store itself, and, in this case, looking at a clothing store template. The most important thing is that it’s appealing not only for a store owner, the customers will find these theme extremely attractive as well.

Let’s explore the diversity of design options that Ella offers:

  • more than 15 beautiful homepage layouts;
  • 4 themes for children (expect more to come soon);
  • numerous footers & headers;
  • 7 layouts for category page;
  • 9 layouts for product page;
  • 5 collection page layouts;
  • 6 blog layouts;
  • custom pages like Lookbook, FAQ and so forth.

Moreover, Ella is a very well-built clothing store template in terms of technology. From this point of view, one of its main advantages is amazing compatibility with mobile devices which, as we know, are most often used nowadays for almost anything, starting with reading books and even up to making purchases. Also,

  • the template includes Google’s Rich Product Snippets for Better SEO;
  • built with CSS 3 + HTML 5, Bootstrap 4.X;
  • mobile-optimized, making an online store available everywhere for everyone;
  • already has GDPR Cookie Popup;
  • multiple currencies can be used.

Ella will make your clothing store look modern and professional and bring a lot of pleasing experience both to you as an owner and to your customers.


The next template which is considered to be one of the best shopify themes for clothing is called Fastor and yes, it the associations it provokes are the most exact description of this clothing store template: it’s really fast! Its page speed score is 81% even with all extensions installed. It’s easy to imagine how fast it will be without them or with smaller number of installed extensions: after all, usually they aren’t used altogether.

One more advantage of this template is Holiday frames! eCommerce, as well as traditional commerce, just can’t go on without paying attention to all those holidays and important events the customers love and honor. These frames are designed to help to create a festival atmosphere in your online store to make shopping experience even more enjoyable for the customers when the time of important events comes. Clothing often becomes a gift, right? So, there we are. If you run a physical store, you would certainly decorate it, right? Now it’s possible for an online store as well.

This clothing store template also provides an amazing marketing tool: upsell products display! It’s no secret that upselling is a very important marketing technique, able to make a customer buy more items and make your income increase in leaps and bounds.

Important design & layout points to consider:

  • you can change color of each element in store;
  • you can set your own image as background;
  • choose any of 600+ Google Fonts;
  • enjoy more than 57 pre-made skins;
  • use hover effects for banners (live preview available!);
  • upload your own cart and hover icons;
  • enable/disable responsive layout for your store.

This Shopify theme is full of essential widgets saving you time and money:

  • Advanced Widget – create various grids with custom templates and advanced configuration;
  • Powerful slider – flexible slider module we have in our theme, allows you to put sticker, change position of the text or customize the animation;
  • Custom Widget – create extra content for your online store with anything you want;
  • Color Swatches – the swatches for any custom colors, even complicated colors;
  • MegaMenu – own MegaMenu instead of default submenu;
  • MailChimp Popup – nice popup window with newsletter;
  • Product tabs – create extra tabs on the product page.

Ideal theme for clothing shouldn’t just look stylish, it should also be fast! Adjust Fastor and enjoy its speed together with your happy customers.

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