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SectionHub – Free Shopify Theme

Multipurpose Free Shopify Theme with high quality, clean design, easy updating process and big sections library.
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Online store design is a very important aspect for eCommerce: it has huge impact on user experience, and this impact is arguably bigger than even the quality of the featured products themselves. The reason is that any customer in general and every single online store customer in particular relies mostly on the information he or she can get visually. Online stores save both the customers and the store owners time and money, but also makes it harder to retain and even draw clients’ attention, therefore, high quality design becomes literally a life-or-death issue for any online business.
As the saying goes, there are no second chances to rectify first impression. If you enter a physical store and find a lot of mess, dusty floor and complete disorganization, you are very likely to leave it right away in search for a place looking more reliable and credible. The same refers to any online store. Online space has no dust at all, but constitutes of a lot of components really important for a customer: organized layout, clickable links, readable tables and many other things making it truly user-friendly. This all should be framed with high quality design involving such important details as style, colors, fonts and so on.
And it’s a point when an online store owner has to choose between hiring a designer and a dev to build a store completely from scratch, meaning to spend tons of money and load of time on it or to choose a ready-made online store template, obviously saving some considerable amount of time and money. One of the best options for these are free Shopify themes which are usually rather sophisticated in terms of technology, user-friendly and, of course, have high quality design.

Narrative free theme for Shopify

Enjoy minimalistic beauty and restful colors of Narrative – a free Shopify theme designed, as its name correctly claims, for brand & product storytelling. The theme includes three styles: warm, light and cold, creating different atmosphere for future online store visitors. No matter which of them you choose: each theme is stylish and eye-catching. It’s built as vertical slideshow which makes it comfortable to view the page both using a PC and a mobile device. Customizable quote slides and image blocks make storytelling and showcasing your products easier. Videos are also available.To sum up, Narrative is one of free Shopify themes designed for small stores featuring their single product or a small number of products.

Debut free theme for Shopify

Debut is an extremely good-looking Shopify theme for small online stores: its catalogs are organized in a way easing featuring one or several products. Not only the store owner will enjoy usage easiness, the customers are doomed to experience the same thanks to features like, let’s say, multi-level menu making navigation extremely comfortable. 
This online store template also provides an online store owner with an opportunity to us the best and time-proved marketing practices like promotional banners, product recommendations and customer testimonials. 
Home page videos are also available. 
Additionally, there’re two styles to choose from.

Venture free theme for Shopify

Venture is a good choice for big online stores: its large catalog is ideal for a big number of products. 
Logically, a big number of products a multi-column menu, and Venture can boast one. 
Nevertheless, this free theme still allows you to choose some product from a wide range of and promote it on the main page: that’s a good option for any online store. 
Promotional banner is available as well: let your customers know about sales, special offers and other things drawing their attention. 
Venture also boasts of built-in color palettes and styles, SEO and free theme updates.

Simple free theme for Shopify

The name of this Shopify theme speaks for itself and tells the truth: indeed, it is simple from any point of you. Simple in operation, simple in use, simple in terms of design. High quality design isn’t always about complicated ideas: on the contrary, simple and clean designs tend to become more and more popular thanks to letting the customers to focus on the products instead of on what enframes them. 
This online store template enables image animations, display of related products and product image zoom. 
This Shopify theme is probably the most universal one as it is suitable for showcasing any amounts of any products.

Minimal free theme for Shopify

Although being called “vintage” this free theme doesn’t look “old” or outdated at all. Contrarily, it looks very stylish and relevant. 
Vintage is minimal and clean, helps to focus more on the products instead of anything else. 
It’s one of few Shopify themes which can work well for both small & big online stores. 
It allows you to feature a YouTube or Vimeo video on the main page and to display related products (upsell technique deservedly gained its popularity). 
In their turn, customers are provided with product image zoom allowing them to have a closer look at interesting details of your products and product filtering making it easier for them to find exactly what they need.

Boundless free theme for Shopify

A multifunctional solution that will allow tomorrow to start selling online and win the attention of the target audience. Quick installation, SEO-functionality, all the necessary documentation inside the theme archive. The design is completely responsive and can be displayed on all screens, this will allow your customers to make purchases from any device. The template is adapted for search engines. Theme with 100% quality guarantee, responsive design and free license. It makes it possible to create a multilingual online store and offer products to customers in different languages.

Pop free theme for Shopify

The design, which has a large number of user settings and allows you to effectively use the site for electronic commerce. Allows you to integrate on the site not only images of goods, but also video. This Shopify theme have many functions for creating a store, fantastic sliders for displaying product images, the ability to use Google fonts on the site, adjust colors, work on the store’s SEO, etc. The solution allows you to design a store in accordance with all modern requirements.

Jumpstart free theme for Shopify

Convenient and functional free Shopify theme with responsive design. The design has a parallax effect and allows even novice professionals to cope with setting up an online storefront. SEO-functionality and a large number of templates inside the archive. This theme have adaptive design and is perfectly displayed on all types of screens. The theme is managed using a convenient and intuitive interface and allows you to professionally approach the organization of business on the Internet.

Brooklyn free theme for Shopify

An excellent free Shopify theme for electronic sales with the parallax effect on the main page. The template allows you to place on the background a video dedicated to the company or individual products of the store. The theme has advanced settings and allows you to create a truly multifunctional online store.

Supply free theme for Shopify

If you are going to open an online store in the international market, then Supply free theme is what you were looking for. It is multicurrency and supports a large number of languages. The template includes 3 child themes, which you can change as you wish. You will have 15 editable options for the home page, mega menu, parallax animation, Google fonts, integration with social networks and other add-ons. You do not need to be a programmer to customize the Shopify theme, because it has a simple page builder with drag-and-drop editor.