1. Extract ZIP archive of platform then upload platform folder to server.
    For Linux based OS path to folder can be like
  2. Open installation script, pass all requirements then click "Go to login".
    URL of installation script can be like
  3. Register first account - it will have administrator permissions.
  4. Administrator account can be changed in accounts/admin.json
  • PAYPAL_ID - your account email
  • PAYPAL_ALIAS - value is the secure merchant account ID of the subscription provider's PayPal account. This value is in the "My business" info section of your PayPal account profile.
  • PAYPAL_SANDBOX - set what you need: true or false
  • SENDGRID_API_KEY - create it here
  • SENDGRID_ASM_GROUP_ID create it here
  • Set "Event Webhook" here to sendgrid.php
  • BITRIX24_URL - register your account here and create online chat
Subdomains and Domains

  • For supporting subdomains: platform must be installed in root folder of your domain

  1. Create site page with "Appointment booking" section
  2. Go to "My account > Settings > Widget"
  3. Select page you created in "Widget landing"
  4. Copy JS code and paste it into your third party website

  • Login as administrator (can be changed in accounts/admin.json)
  • For update platform need purchased and activated license - use "Purchase License" and "Activate License"
  • Go to "Get Update" then click "Update"
  • Please note: all original files provided in platform will be overwritten

  • For site theme: copy landing_themes/sectionhub folder to new landing_themes/THEMENAME folder
  • For email theme: copy email_themes/sectionhub folder to new email_themes/THEMENAME folder
  • Any changes in this folder will not be affected after platform update
  • Change theme in user profile settings