SectionHub – Easiest Free Shopify Page Builder

Enable ALL sections for any pages
1. Install Page Builder App
After this you can use all available sections to build inner pages, product pages and collection pages
2. Find section then import it
Every section provide LIQUID/JS/SCSS files into your active theme
3. Use all sections anywhere
Open native Shopify page builder and use imported sections which also provide theirself theme settings

Use SectionHub for build:

Landing pages with theme and SectionHub sections
Inner pages with theme and SectionHub sections
Home pages with theme and SectionHub sections
Collection pages with theme and SectionHub sections
Product pages with theme and SectionHub sections
Blog articles with theme and SectionHub sections

Take Your Design to the Next Level

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Total Customization Over Design

Easiest Shopify page builder for fastest page building

Page Builder for Online Marketers

SectionHub is a great page builder for online marketers. It helps you to quickly build and test landing pages for your promo campaigns. We know how important is to have a flexible web tool and don’t spend precious hours for making that simple change. Launch quick, test it, make changes, launch again and get instant results.

SEO Optimized Shopify Site Builder

Internal optimization can be a mess, but our site builder optimized for SEO. It make SEO-friendly code and works seamlessly with popular Shopify apps. Your client will ask you for a cost-effective solution for his upcoming campaign you know the answer next time.

Visual Editor for your Store

No more struggle when finding way how to create a custom website for your e-commerce project. The quick and efficient way of saving money and efforts. Create your online shop visually using our visual page composer. Nothing compares to the feeling of creating it on your own especially when you have a limited budget.

Theme Builder for Web Designers

No need to rely on developers and LIQUID+HTML+CSS coders, focus on creating beautiful designs. Convert designs from Photoshop on yourself using our intuitive drag and drop theme builder. No need to hire PSD to Shopify coder anymore. Make your store directly in a browser, focus on visuals quality, not coding. Start building online stores on your own, the way you like it. With a bit of practice, you can extend your skills in web designing and make a good income from that.

Free and Powerful Editor for Developers

Create high quality websites for your clients and give them the ability to customize everything they will ever want. Why to choose between power and simplicity when you can have them both. SectionHub is free page editor. It has all the features of a framework and comes in handy when building Shopify themes. Developing a website for an end user is also a blast because it gives your users the freedom to develop their website the way they like it without bothering you.

Easy to use Instrument for Freelancers

SectionHub, a new high quality online store building platform, aims to separate itself from the pack and be the preferred choice for design agencies and freelancers. The developers of SectionHub, former agency owners themselves, decided to create a system that would eliminate the redundant work and inefficiencies of building and managing client websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with all the themes?
Yes, this page builder can work with all Shopify themes without conflicts. You can use all sections to build pages – apps sections and themes sections.
What is SectionHub?
This app extends the capabilities of Shopify theme and Shopify page builder.
What is SectionHub Library?
This is an ever-expanding library of sections and templates with different styles that you can use in the builtin Shopify page builder. All sections have global style settings.
Can I edit all page of my store
Yes you can. With this app you can use native Shopify page builder for editing all pages of your store
What if I uninstall SectionHub App on my store?
After removing SectionHub from your store. All sections and pages will remain operational. In order to remove the page builder code from the theme, you need to run a special script that you can find in SectionHub dashboard.
Does it work with other Shopify App?
You can use this page builder with any Shopify App if they comply with Shopify coding standards.

Customers reviews

This is only list building strategy you need
First of all I want to say that this a great customizable page builder to work with!! This app gives you so MANY options on how to set up your store and when I needed help, customer support for both this app and shopify were prompt to answer. I would HIGHLY recommend this page builder to users looking for better way to reach out to your consumers. The app is very effective. A revolution to this era!
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert
Excellent page builder app. Clean, fast. It has everything you need and the customer support is fantastic. All questions answered and small adjustments done fast. The Demo is very direct. You can do the same as demo shows so i designed my shop pretty easy and fast. Very user-friendly. Well documented also. Well worth the money spent and you just won’t regret it.
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert
Outstanding service! First of all I love the design and the flexibility with this page builder. But if there is any problem you have or needs on your template. You can simply request this and the customer support will help you very fast! Thank you!
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert
Excellent builder. Great features, professional look pages, lots of options and reasonably easy to use, even for a novice like myself. Great value for money..
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert
Amazing, amazing app! Not only is the page builder and all of the functionality great – but the customer service is amazing! I had a few questions and they answered me very fast and were able to help me out. One of the things I needed was custom design and they did it for me and it looks great! A++ app!
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert
This app is amazing!! I quess this is the best page builder you can ever get for shopify, You can do everything and its so easy to use. Also the support is so nice and helps you so fast, if you have problems. And there are also always new updates, so I am so exited what they will add in the future. If you are looking for the best builder for shopify, this might be the solution.
Jason Donoghue
Shopify Expert