How it work

Azexo Composer Site Builder it is independent JS web application and it use WordPress as framework and not provide any data for other WordPress plugins or themes. Site Builder integrated with WordPress via plugin and theme API to use: media library, authentication system, user management system, multi-language system, membership subscription system – of course this list will be increased, WordPress have many useful plugins. Site Builder is not plugin for WordPress themes and it not WordPress theme because it not provide any styles for WordPress pages. Therefore Azexo Composer Site Builder can not support plugins or themes not included into distributive. You can use plugins and themes along with Site Builder under your responsibility.

try Azexo Composer Site Builder for free and see what you are missing…

Lifetime support and updates with new features and bug fixes


Responsive Design, Mobile Ready Layouts

With Azexo Composer your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. No extra steps or programming required.

JS and CSS animation engines

Almost every JS-element support animation. CSS animations implemented via Animate.css library. JS animations implemented via GreenSock library.

Slider drag and drop builder

Make slider with any number of elements and any layout.

Form drag and drop builder

Make form with any number of fields and any layout. Every form will have re-captcha and user will get notification for every submission to email entered in his profile.

Popup drag and drop builder

Unlimited popups on every page. You make popup from scratch with any layout.

Presentation drag and drop builder

You can make presentations by mouse like this and of course export them after.

Multi-language ready (via WPML plugin)

Use power of WPML plugin to translate interface.

Easiest HTML-editor – just one click

Configure builder to allow users change text, image, link, css-style or sort order of DOM-node elements.

Edit static site like CMS-site

You can configure synchronization identical DOM-node elements along all site pages to help user edit for example header and footer – just add one CSS class.

JavaScript scroll animations engine

Make unlimited parallax effects or any animation script by mouse and export them after.

Bootstrap CSS framework support

Builder interface implemented based on Bootstrap. JS-elements and HTML-elements in distributive also based on Bootstrap. You can make your own HTML-elements based on any library you like and you can remove Bootstrap files from output.

Full control of HTML/CSS/JS output

Any element can be disabled, any library can be removed from output.

How to

  1. Download and install site_bulder theme into fresh WordPress installation with twentythirteen theme available (it will used as parent theme).
  2. Install and enable all required plugins by theme.
  3. In Settings > Permalinks in Common Settings field choose Post name.
  4. Enable membership protection and configure it as you need (documentation available on home plugin page) – use Builder section for configure Access Levels rules.
  1. Cut HTML you need and place it into “some-name.html” file (name must be unique over all elements).
  2. Add required CSS styles via <style> tag in this file (or put reference of CSS file you have).
  3. Add required JS script via <script> tag in this file (or put reference of JS file you have).
  4. All references to CSS/JS files and images inside HTML must be started from azexo_elements folder.
  5. All references (images, fonts) inside CSS set as usual relative current file path.
  6. Add jQuery selectors to next arrays to allow user edit/style/sort your HTML:
    1. window.azexo_editable
    2. window.azexo_styleable
    3. window.azexo_sortable
    4. window.azexo_synchronizable
  7. Or add classes (az-editable, az-styleable, az-sortable, az-synchronizable) to HTML tags.
  8. Make thumbnail for this element with same name and png format.
  9. Put both files into appropriate directory of azexo_elements directory.
  1. Use azexo_elements.js file from Azexo Composer folder as starter kit and examples.
  2. Rename this file.
  3. Remove all elements except most similar you want to make.
  4. After you implemented your element attach to page before azexo_composer.js file.

Provided HTML-elements

Site builder screenshots

You can make any number plans

Demo Plan 1

0$ per month

  • Slider builder
  • Form builder
  • Presentation builder
  • 1 Site

Demo Plan 2

0$ per month

  • Slider builder
  • Form builder
  • Presentation builder
  • 10 Sites

Demo Plan 3

0$ per month

  • Slider builder
  • Form builder
  • Presentation builder
  • Unlimited Sites